Shit My Kids Say Pt. 2

I’ve had the same tennis shoes for like three years now. I wear them every single day to work. So needless to say, I needed a new pair. Madison also wanted a pair of Nike sliders so we went to Dicks at the mall. What was supposed to be a smooth little stroll inside of that store, quickly went south when she yells out, “Mommy! Did you know Dicks has a bad word in it?! Can I tell you in your ear?!”

“Uh, sure”

(whispers softly, “dick”)


“I heard it when Daddy was watching Family Guy”

My face was like…


Welcome to Shit my Kids Say Part 2.

We were at Texas Roadhouse a few weeks ago with my friend and her son and out of nowhere, Madison says, “Mommy, you need to stop drinking iced chai tea lattes because you have a lot of squishy squishy.”



Today in the car, Madison asked me the dreaded question of how babies get inside of mommies’ bellies. I told her that God puts them there. She replied “So he goes and finds bones all over the world and makes them into a person inside of your belly?” Yes, yes he does.

Can’t forget about the time she made fun of my paleness…

“Mommy, your legs look like the white crayon”

Insert eye roll emoji…


I guess she has a point…

We were at Mountainfest a couple of weeks ago and we were waiting in like to look inside of a helicopter and she said she had to say something in my ear so I bend down and she says, “There is a bad word in ‘helicopter”.

“What’s that?”


Oh. Okay.


“Let me take a picture of myself!”

I work in Alexandria Bay a few nights a week and with that, I get a 50% discount on food if I take my family. So I took the girls one day and my friend was waiting on us and Madison looked at her dead in the eye and called her “puffy face.” I know she didn’t mean it but this girl is just gonna kill me one day, y’all!!!

I love writing posts like this one because it’s such great documentation to show them when they are older! Until next time, folks!