Mighty Nest Review

I’m not one to normally sign up for monthly subscriptions. I tried Stitchfix which was less commital (you don’t have to have a delivery each month) and was less than thrilled with the clothes they would send me. But in my search to try to live a cleaner life, I was curious about Mighty Fix.

The deal: For $10 a month Mighty Nest will send you a product guaranteed to help you make small changes towards a cleaner lifestyle. The cool thing is that you can cancel at any point. You’re not going to be stuck with a package that you don’t like. If you like the products you can commit to a full year and get a discount.

Their pledge:

“We make it easier for families to create a healthy home. Each of our products has been thoroughly researched to be free of concerning chemicals and hand-picked for its quality and design.

No BPA, No Phthalates, No Lead, Real Materials, Time Tested, Durable, Safe Alternatives that Work”

I could commit to $10 a month- that seemed doable. And I have been super happy so far. Here are some of the items we have received that I love:

Duralex Lys glass food storage bowls


This month we received two storage bowls. They’re both small, but perfect for lunch boxes. In fact, I like them more because they are so small. They fit a cut up sandwich for Wyatt or a small snack and don’t take up a bunch of room. The other day Wyatt didn’t finish his lunch so I was able to throw this into my purse for him to finish later when we went out. We only use glass food containers and so far I’m a fan of these. We normally use the Pyrex containers but the lids are always breaking! The edges of these containers are much more durable that Pyrex lids.

Wool Dryer Balls


Dryer sheets aren’t terribly expensive but they are full of nasty chemicals. The product description says they reduce drying time. I’m not 100% sure about that, but they do reduce the chemicals in our laundry so I’m cool with just that. They also sell a package of the wool balls and essential oils to give your clothes a fresh scent. Note: these do not really help with static in blankets.

Suds Up Dish Brush


I normally don’t like these dishsoap dispensing dish brushes because I feel like they never work, but this one actually does! We received this about a month ago and I don’t use it for all dishes, just when I need an extra scrub. Mostly I use the reusable dish cloths they sent me a few months ago. I also love that you stand it up when you’re done so you don’t get soap residue all over your sink or countertop. Plus, it’s super cute.

Reusable Shopping Bag


These are my FAVORITE product so far. I know, it seems so silly that a reusable shopping bag would be my favorite product, but these bags are so so great. Not only do they fold up into this tiny little ball which makes it super convenient to throw into your purse or diaper bag, but they are comfortable to carry even when they are heavy. When we lived in a third floor apartment, these made carrying groceries up so much easier. The strap at the top is felt which makes it a little more comfy on your shoulder.

24-7bag3Because these are made of nylon, they are also perfect for the beach or pool. I have kept one in our pool bag this summer to throw wet clothes into. Since it’s machine washable you can just throw everything into the wash when you get home or let it air dry. I received two in my shipment but would easily order more.


There is SO MUCH more on the Mighty Nest website for you to purchase but we love getting our shipment each month to see what we’re going to get next. Sometimes it’s things I’ve actually wanted to try and sometimes it’s something I never really thought about. We’ve been using the service for about a year now and have used or are still using every single product they have sent. Win!


*all photos are from the Mighty Nest website

It’s Been A Pleasure

This is it. Our time at Fort Drum has come to an end. If you had asked me five years ago if I would be okay with leaving, it would be an immediate yes. But this place has shaped me. I’m not the 20 year old girl who lived to see an argument on the Army Wives Facebook page. I’m not the girl who didn’t know how to use a crock pot or even make sweet tea on her own. I’m not the girl who didn’t understand how to raise two little girls with her husband deployed (still don’t know how to do that right).

I have blossomed. I KNOW what kind of person I want to be. This place has gotten to see me at the start of a significant change. I’m dreadfully in my upper twenties now and can say that this military life has changed me for the better. I know what I want. I am aware of what my goals are instead of just going with the flow.

I’m so blessed to have called this place my home these past 5 years and some change. I’ve met some of the BEST people. More importantly, my children’s most important years were spent here. Savanna was just a three month old baby when we moved here. This is all that she knows. This is home to her. Her first steps were made on the ridiculous carpet tiles of Middle Lewis Avenue. Her first words were said in Clark Hall. Her first drink out of a straw was made at the Olive Garden in Watertown. She has done three seasons of gymnastics, one summer of soccer, one summer of ballet, and finally found her niche of cheer leading. She was on a cheer team that she LOVED and was so good at. She started school here. The girls had the same Pre-K teacher. As I’m typing this, I’m laying next to her at the same hotel that we stayed at when we got her so many years ago. The worst part about leaving is that she still doesn’t understand that she won’t be seeing these people again.

Madison, my force to be reckoned with child, is so excited about our trip across the country. She keeps talking about how she wants to decorate her room and the different places she wants to see along the way. She has made so many friends here that it’s weird to see her so ready to move. Madison has been in gymnastics for three seasons, dance, t-ball, tennis, before finding her niche in soccer.  She is a soccer star for sure. She keeps talking about being on a new soccer team in Washington and just lights up when she talks about it. Ever since the movers came and packed our house and moved everything out, she has been such a different child. She has had the worst time dealing with the change.



We went through the terrible twos and even more terrible threes, twice here. We went through hardships that we overcame in our marriage, here. We bought a couple new vehicles here. We made marriage goals and life goals, here. Even typing this now, I still haven’t let myself get too deep in my thoughts about leaving because quite frankly, I’m going to Kim K cry. Hugging my best friend goodbye in two days, is going to literally kill me. I refuse to let myself become sad now, because I need to treasure these last few days while I can and not be all in the feels.

As for now, these next couple of days are going to be filled with friends and last minute bucket list restaurants that I haven’t been to. My last day at my job is tomorrow and I’ve been there for over three years. I’ve had countless customers bring in cards for me and it’s so humbling. I’m so honored to have grown relationships with people from here that will last a lifetime.

Fort Drum, and your stupid weather, it’s been so real. Thank you for being the setting of my little family’s growth.



Our Historic Home Renovation- Update!

It has been a very long month. As it goes with a foreclosure, closing was delayed and delayed which put us in even more of a time crunch then we started with. Dealing with a renovation with a toddler is basically impossible. And when I say basically I mean absolutely. Wyatt and I ventured to Richmond for 12 days where we stayed with some amazing friends who welcomed us with open arms. But being away from Charlie was hard and getting Wyatt used to sleeping in a new place in a pack ‘n play was a challenge. There were many sleepless nights and many tears (from us both). In the time we were away Charlie was in charge of the renovation. We’ve learned some hard truths during this renovation so far. We’ve learned that with old homes, nothing is easy.

Nothing is quick.

Nothing is simple.

Replacing a door knob isn’t as simple as just replacing it. You have to find the exact size door knob that will replace that one door. Every door frame is a different size. No wall is straight and no corner is 90 degrees. Even now as I type this Charlie is headed BACK to Lowe’s (I’ve already been twice today) because a simple task has now turned into a very complicated one.

Renovate a 100 year old home, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

We have made a ton of progress, but there is still much to do. At this point, it’s mostly little stuff other than the basement reno, but all of those little things add up. My husband worked his tail off and still is to get everything done. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as hard working as him, especially considering how many people have disappointed us throughout this process.

Here are some before and now photos of the outside so you can see our progress. This weekend the outside is getting a huge makeover- painting! We’re so excited to not be the ugly house on the block anymore.







Charlie worked super hard clearing out the backyard. There are still trees to be trimmed and mulch to be spread and bugs to get rid of. We had a visitor from a groundhog yesterday so clearly our backyard is still home to some critters. But we are so excited for water play and gardening and backyard cookouts. Also in the next few weeks our deck will be built so we can truly enjoy our outdoor space.

There has not been many fun parts of this renovation quite yet. Living in the middle of chaos is exhausting and is wearing us all thin. Wyatt has been a rockstar throughout the entire process. Through teething and so many changes, he is even more lovable and silly and brings much needed sunshine to our cloudy days.


More to come!