Fall Essentials

So if anyone knows me, they understand that shopping for clothes is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It’s the 100% basic in me. What can ya do? I’ve been scouting for the perfect pieces for my fall wardrobe here lately, and I’ve found so much!

  1. The PERFECT riding boots and booties. I get my riding boots from Payless because I personally think they hold out the longest. I don’t normally shop at Payless, but their riding boots last me at least two fall seasons! I found these online that are similar to the ones that I wear and I totally swear by them. They can go with so much! Pair them with leggings and an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and a flannel, or even a sweater dress! You can’t go wrong!

    picture from Payless website

    I also LOVE a good pair of booties,! And the good thing about booties, is that you can wear them year round. They can go with a cute pair of shorts and a cute top, or any of the clothing combinations above! I have a pair in camel and tan! Here is a pair that I love and are similar to the ones I own, that are from Hazel and Olive Boutique.

  2. Jeans! You HAVE to have like a million pairs of good jeans, always. Just me? Maybe. I am really digging the ripped jeans style right now because they add so much more detail into any outfit. And can anyone else tell me why ripped jeans cost more, but use less fabric? So silly. Express makes such great jeans and so the first picture shows jeans from there and the second picture shows jeans from Shop Impressions Boutique. They have so many styles to choose from!0091_07197083_0019_f30
  3. A good flannel! American Eagle never lets me down when it comes time to a good flannel, and lets face it, neither does Old Navy. However, I found some cute ones on Vici Dolls’ website! Flannels can go with so many things! Leggings, skinny jeans, wrapped around your waist with a tank top, or even over a good tank dress. The possibilities are endless. This is one that I love from Vici:Taryn8.14.17-93_grande
  4. A go-to Floral dress! Florals stay trendy, hands down. Hazel and Olive, Shop Impressions, and even Saved by the Dress have some BEAUTIFUL floral dresses/tops. This dress happens to be from Hazel and Olive and I have it in blue, but I’m kind of digging this color, too!IMG_0709_779e00d7-0a8d-49b3-b1a4-fbe237b99f24
  5. All the sweaters/sweater dresses. ALL OF THEM. DON’T ASK QUESTIONS. DON’T HESITATE. JUST BUY ALL THE SWEATERS. They are the most fashionable and comfortable items in my closet. Most of them are oversized for comfort purposes but I love them either way. Here are some of my favorites!

    Vici Dolls


    Charlotte Russe


    Vici Dolls


    Vici Dolls


    Vici Dolls

  6. Lastly, utility jackets! I’m pretty sure everyone needs an army green utility coat. I have ones from Old Navy and Charlotte Russe that I love, but when I came across this one on Vici, I about died:


    Shop Impressions

    What are your go-to staples for fall? I love finding versatile pieces that I can wear in many different ways so I’m not stuck with a wardrobe full of clothes I can only wear occasionally. And as a busy mom, clothes get bonus points when they are comfortable and easy.

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