I Stalk These Instagram Feeds

Instagram has taken off, tremendously. It seems like just yesterday when all of us would use the “Nashville” filter on the food we were eating at the time. It has evolved. Businesses thrive from it, celebrities communicate to their fans from it, and some people just use it instead of seeing the drama of the day on Facebook. I spend too much time on Instagram daily and I’m here to share my favorite accounts! I look at these accounts every single day to either keep me inspired or keep me in the know.

  1. FREE STUFF FINDER. If you aren’t following this, you aren’t living. This wonderful lady dedicates her time to share daily deals. Whether it be online or in store, the deals are always amazing. She shares food, clothing stores, makeup stores, home stores, etc.. If there are even amazing flight deals, she shares it! Seriously, GO FOLLOW ASAP.
  2. The Samantha Show. I remember when Samantha was stationed at Fort Drum with her husband and she was just starting out blogging. I’ve watched her blog rise to the top over the years and it’s so impressive. She is a lifestyle/mom blogger who always tells it like it is. She is also very candid about suffering from anxiety, which I have, so it’s humbling to listen to her talk about it on her instastories. Whether it be great mom hacks, military shenanigans, or fashion, she has you covered.
  3. Katelyn James Photography. Her Instagram immediately makes me smile. She is the one that influences me the most as a photographer and she has no idea who I am, haha! Her photography is so beautiful and she is always sharing tips via instastories or email. She makes motherhood work while also running a very successful business. #goals
  4. Hazel and Olive. You guys have heard me talk about them often, but I swear they are my favorite clothing boutique in all of the land. I follow them mainly because they share new arrivals through their instastory, so it saves me time having to go through their website. I also follow them because I love a great fashion based feed. Tip: They share coupon codes in their instastories!
  5. Casey Holmes. To be honest, I had no idea who she was until the makeup group at Fort Drum made a big deal about her moving there to be with her husband. But LET ME TELL YOU, she is makeup goals. She always shares her looks on her feed and you can find her tutorials on her Youtube channel for the look she shares. It’s amazing! She tells you what products she is wearing, as well. She shares what products work well and what products suck. She keeps it real!Sidenote: She also just started a fashion boutique soooooooo, there goes all of my money.

What are your favorite instagram accounts to follow? Is there a celeb whose feed you can’t get enough of? Share with us!

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