Just Another Post About Millennials

I saw it again. Another video posted about how awful millennials are. This time it was a video showing a millennial interviewing for a job. Of course she was on her phone the whole time while interviewing with an older man. She was not being professional and just talking about social media. And I instantly became enraged. I’m not one to comment on people’s posts on social media. I’m a very non-confrontational person and just don’t want to start a war of words with someone who is probably not going to agree with me in the first place. But this old rhetoric about how awful millennials are just needs to stop.

I am a millennial. I have interviewed a ton of millennials. I have managed a staff of probably 60% millennials. I am parenting as a millennial. I have worked alongside millennials as my superior and as my coworker. And you know what? They really don’t suck. They were mature, organized, wicked smart, technologically savvy, hard working, and creative. Were there some bad apples? OF COURSE. Because no matter what age group we’re talking about, there are just people who can’t get it together. There are people in every age group who are irresponsible (or were at this age). There are people in every age group who didn’t have their ducks in a row or have a direction at 22. This isn’t a millennial problem.

The generation before mine tends to put millennials into this group of immature kids who are obsessed with their phones. They roll their eyes when parents my age introduce a new app that’s helpful with parenting or new laws come out about carseat safety. And they harken back to when they were parents and successfully parented without those things. But what’s wrong with making things better? Or easier? Or safer? Yes, plenty of children were raised without iPads. But I don’t doubt for a second that my mom would have GLADLY put a movie on in the car to keep us from screaming at each other.

Instead of blaming millennials or talking about how much they’re failing, why don’t we change the conversation? Why don’t we ask what we can do to help this generation? Why don’t we have a conversation about the areas in which millennials are struggling? Why don’t we build them up instead of constantly tearing them down? Why don’t we praise them for the passion they have for social justice, the incredible work they’re doing in tech, the push they’re making towards more sustainable, healthier lifestyles?

Give millennials a BREAK. After all, we are the result of the generation who raised us. And our parents and grandparents did a pretty good job. With or without the latest app.

52 Weekly Challenge

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On a normal weekend, you would find me eating at a new restaurant, going grocery shopping, or doing laundry. All of those things will continue but I’m adding something new. I’m getting outside with my hiking boots on.


The Pacific Northwest has too much to offer to limit myself to only child friendly activities. Last week, I hiked for the very first time. Let me tell you: I. Was. Pathetic. I encouraged my friends to keep going but they supported me the entire way up. Y’all, it was a 3.8 mile round trip hike. The elevation was killer on this newbie, haha! Anyways, after a while, I made it! I was so proud of myself for not giving up. I realized that I would love nothing more than to do it without having to stop 8386373 times. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Hiking is such a great way to free your mind of negative energy while staying in shape. Taking my girls on trails at least once a month would benefit them so much. It would benefit their mind, body, and soul. I’m ready to see all of the green this place has to offer and to test myself physically and mentally.


I plan on going on a new trail once a week. It doesn’t have to be challenging, I’ll save those for when the girls aren’t with me. Yesterday morning, I went on a different trail that was 3.5 miles round trip and I didn’t even break a sweat. It had everything to do with the fact that there was only 300 feet of elevation but hey, I did it!


I’m so excited about this journey and I can’t wait to update you guys next month on how it’s going!


P.S. If anyone lives in the PNW, what are your favorite trails?


A New Year, a New Word

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I tend to self-sabotage. I make a resolution and then I instantly look for ways to break it. On the first day I make excuses- I have to eat ALL the cookies so there aren’t any left to tempt me. I can’t journal tonight, I’m just SO TIRED. This year I heard a new idea- instead of choosing a resolution, you choose a word that will guide you throughout the year. This word can be posted around your house or work (or both) to be a reminder as you move through your day of the commitment you’re making to better yourself. My husband and I decided to go this route this year and, listen, it’s only January 3, but I’m loving it so far.

To find my word I made a list of the words that came to mind when I thought about what I wanted out of life. I thought about balance, of course, because that’s always something we strive for as women. I also thought about simplicity, organic (and not necessarily food), and then came back to the first word I wrote down which was “intentional”. As I thought about each area of my life that I wanted to put more effort into- food, health, family, friends, I kept coming back to moving through life with intent. I wanted to push aside this idea that I do the things I do or foster relationships that don’t need my time out of habit or a feeling of obligation. Instead I wanted to focus on why.


Am I being intentional with my time? Am I being intentional with my words? Am I being intentional with my actions? Or am I making rash decisions in the moment that don’t have any intent behind them? Am I just going through the motions of my life without a purpose. And that’s what it comes down to. The purpose. And that’s where my husband’s word comes in.


When I told Charlie about this idea to come up with a word we were in the car and he thought for about a minute and said his word would be “permanence”. He explained that the words you say and the actions you take, while fleeting, leave behind a permanent mark. You say something in the moment and you can’t take it back. You make an action now fueled by emotion that you can’t undo. Your words and your actions have a permanence. And this goes hand in hand with this idea of being intentional. If we’re intentional about our words and our actions, we can affect what sticks. We can’t change the fact that permanence is a thing. We can’t make that go away. We can’t say react to a situation in a way that isn’t our first choice and say, “Wait, wait!” while we chase after the person. “I didn’t mean it that way, let me try that again.” It’s gone. That moment is gone. And we can try with all our might to say the right thing next time, but those words are there, permanently. Those actions are there, permanently. We can hope to cover them up with kinder words and more gentle actions, but if we don’t move through life with intent, we won’t take that pause to consider whether or not our actions will have a positive or a negative permanence.

I know, I know, easier said than done. When our son was standing IN the dog food bowl for the 10000000th time it was hard to take that second to think about my intent and the permanence of my choices. But the point of the word is that it guides you- it doesn’t consume you. It is a reminder- not a hard and fast rule. It’s a guidepost as you go through your normal life. And hopefully it allows you to see some areas of change in your life. Hopefully, it lets you think about where you can step back and make different choices.

So what would your word be? When you examine your life, what word comes to mind that you want more of in your life? Share it with us and then post it all around your house so you’re reminded of it as you go through the motions.